Vabble : Innovative online platform combining Learning, Recruitment and Talent pool management

Digital Recruitment based on online projects and achievement-based profiles.

Vabble, the online platform that allows people to develop and secure their employability and enables companies to find, train and engage people they need to succeed.

In this millennium of great change, we propose a unique process that integrates 21th century skills learning, online recruitment and talent pool management.

Our approach is based on people’s accomplishments on real projects shared online by real companies. With this innovative process, Vabble creates achievement-based CVs, efficient talent pools and adapted learning process. Why? Because CV reveals the ability to get the job, Vabble reveals the ability to do the job!

Recruitment is not a (time, money, confidence) consuming process anymore but creates value: empowering anyone to secure and develop his employability anywhere. For companies this is a unique process to identify talents, build efficient talent pool and be involved in their progresses according to their real needs. For people this is a fantastic opportunity to show what they can do and prove their value.

Talents secure their employability, companies secure their competitiveness.

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